• Elise

    The blush of the apple is blending but is a very strong dark red color. The blush often covers all of the fruit. White-greenish, fine grained, sweet, slightly sour, and aeromatic flesh. Apples of this sort are hard and juicy. Thus they are perfect fruit for dessert or as a salad component.

  • Gala

    The smooth shiny yellow-green peel with the slightly stripped intensively red blush covering 70% of the fruit's surface. The flesh of yellow colour is strongly dense, aromatic,very juicy and tasty.

  • Gloster

    A smooth, slightly shiny green peel blends into a carmine blush. The Gloster fruit are very useful for eating fresh because of their crisp, slowly browning flesh.

  • Golden Delicious

    A slightly shiny golden-yellow peel. Yellow juicy, very aromatic flesh. Golden Delicious apples are the best known yellow apple in the world. They surprised us with great number of usefulness. They are perfect eat fresh, to bake with, to use for dessert, and even as a complement to blue cheese.

  • Idared

    A shiny vivid red, slightly stroked, blush peel. Creamy, very juicy, and firm flesh. Apples of this sort are mildly sour. They are best a few month after crop. They can be stored for a long time in home conditions. They are often used as a complement to desserts; to make juice and cakes.

  • Jonagold

    A green-yellow peel covered with carmine-red striping blush. This apple has got a loose crisp flesh. It is juicy, aromatic, and has a subtly sweet-sour taste. This apple is perfect to be eaten fresh, baked, boiled, stewed, or fried.

  • Ligol

    A hard greenish peel which changes color into yellow and is shiny when it ripens. When it ripens the yellow is blended with a vivid red blush. A creamy, very firm, and very juicy flesh. They are recommended for juice, compote, or cocktails

  • Sampion

    A yellow-green with carmine-orange blush peel. Creamy-lemon, fragile, sweet, mildly sour, aromatic, and very tasty flesh. These apples are sweet and perfect to eat and use for dessert.

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